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Angels Are Attacking Iowa

Welcome to the IOWATALE Playtesters’ Lounge! Please send all feedback and suggestions to I’m not using hotmail anymore. If you send your mail to the previous address, it will not be answered.

LATEST NEWSPOST (06/29/2007) The “Summers Just for You and Me” Update is here!

I’ve been really busy with college so I haven’t had too much time to work on the “IOWATALE” in the last few months, but now that school’s out, Indie Games are in season!! YEAH, BABY!!!!! This is as good as it gets. B]

Here’s an incomplete changelog for the latest update. Please remember that the game is still in early access and there are several major features I plan to implement in the coming months.

Changelog: Added two BRAND NEW maps - “Cornfields 2” and “Forest of Failure”. Added more escape routes to “Cedar Rapids” map. Added more dialogue for Ian. Fixed exploit where you could put a dog inside of a box in order to smuggle it out of a room. Improved sans’ pathfinding AI - watch out! Implemented early version of turtle feeding minigame. Added orange/lemon flavor indicator. Added some NPCs. Fixed chemtrails not appearing properly. Many small improvements and fixes. Added a super rare event most players won’t see ;].

Sorry this is pretty small, but it’s what I could get out. Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff up by the end of July :]

As always, please download the newest build of the game from the secure client.

Other orders of business…

I was recently linked to an IOWATALE fan song by SanctuaryRemix. It’s awesome. Listen to it here:

On this note, it has been brought to my attention that many people are requesting that I release the “IOWATALE Soundfont” (hereafter referred to as “The Iowatale sf2”) so people can make more accurate fan music with the instruments used in the game.

I want to make it very clear how much I respect the passion of the fans who love the style of the Iowatale soundtrack just as much as I loved creating it.

But please understand that this will not happen.

I wish I could explain more now, but it’s just not safe.

Have a great summer! Hopefully free of skeletons in your closet ;] -Iowa Team link to View Previous Newspost: kwwsv://dufklyhrirxurzq.ruj/zrunv/13378629/fkdswhuv/30640560 .